UGA + lack of discernment in recruiting = football delinquents


UGA dismisses players again.  Really?  I dream of realty, but I also dream of UGA having one year go by without a player arrest for a major criminal offense or dismissal of players for behavior related offenses.  I don’t know what led to this particular situation but in general I have some advice for UGA’s recruiting team.

I do not believe that these kids leave their homes on scholarship to Georgia and the great city of Athens turns them in to monsters.  Did I party hard in my days in Athens?  Absolutely!  Did I get arrested?  Yes and no, but that is for another post.  Did I beat up my boyfriend, rob anyone or commit any type of felony?  No.  Neither did any of my friends or my husband or his friends.

Throughout college I worked as a bail bondsman.  There are always surprises when you are dealing with a criminal element.  I found that most of the folks I bailed out were good people making bad choices.  Many of them I saw once and never again.  There were many more who had multiple misdemeanors and minor offenses proving the likelihood that I would see them at least once every few months.  I did not bail out one felon who was not a life time offender.  They always had a record which led up to the major offense.  And it may seem a given, but most of them lie.

My point is that, while you cannot judge a book by its cover, you can form an opinion by their record.  Everyone has the ability to change, but many people never do.  Think about how difficult it is for you to change.  It takes a lot of work over a period of time.  If you meet a kid with some questionable decision making in their background, surrounded by a questionable support system, followed by an excuse for every single thing in their past, run the other way.  This may sound stupid, but kids who are going to stay out of trouble will stay out of trouble.  This logic follows for the opposite.  I remember ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time once or twice.  Didn’t take me long to figure out there are certain situations that have all the ingredients necessary to make a wrong place, wrong time circumstance.  Only recruit kids who have already figured this out!

I do not think I am in the minority when I say that most of these things you can see coming a mile away.


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